Making History: A K-12 Time-Travel Curriculum for Makers


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What is Making History?

Making History is a set of projects with a backstory to drive students’ interest and engagement. The story follows a group of entrepreneurial and altruistic time travelers who go back in time to invent or discover important breakthroughs before they occur in our historical timeline. The narrative sets the challenge as students take on the same tasks in the narrative. The story sets up the driving question “how can we create this same breakthrough using only our knowledge and the resources that were available at that time?

Each project or Unit focuses on a single era of world history and a major discovery or invention of that era. See the description of the eras below.

Each unit includes a 1-2 week project for:

  • Science
  • Math
  • History
  • Language Arts
  • Maker/DIY project

How does it work?

Making History is a teaching curriculum made to engage students with a Time Travel theme,hands-on projects, and using multiple subjects. Teachers can use just one of the projects, for just one subject, or they can collaborate with other teachers and use multiple subjects to create a richer learning/teaching experience.

What does each project include?

Every unit includes 4 projects (Math, Science, History, Language Arts) plus the Maker tutorial (a project to build and explore the discovery or invention in the unit), and a short story that sets up the time travel scenario. Each project includes:

  • 1-2 weeks of daily lessons (including instructional materials)
  • Pre-assessment quiz (tied to standards)
  • Rubric for project post-assessment (tied to standards)

How many units do I get?

Backers who select a reward that includes the curriculum will get everything that is made for this Kickstarter. You’ll at least get the first 3 units (with all lessons and projects for each subject). If we reach the stretch goals (see below), you’ll get extra projects at the same reward level.

Which standards are these tied to?

Math and Language Arts projects are tied to Common Core State Standards.

Science projects are tied to Next Generation Science Standards.

History projects are tied to C3 Social Studies Standards.

Who is David Hunter?

I used to teach Social Studies and Language Arts for Middle School at a Project-Based Learning public school. I designed Zombie-Based Learning and have been teaching teachers how to build PBL curriculum. I’ve also created curricula for Microsoft Research, Amplify Inc, and Valve Software.

I’m writing a book for ASCD on curriculum design (probably out late 2015 or early 2016). I’ve also been building free tools for teachers to design curriculum at I’m also a former ballet dancer and wrote my Master’s thesis on Arts Integration in Academic Subjects. I’m also a high school dropout.

Please ask questions if you have any.

Risks and challenges

I’ve created a big Kickstarter curriculum project before, so I know the challenges that are often faced and I’ve planned accordingly.

The most important challenge to keep in mind is that the more units I design (if we reach stretch goals), the longer the printed books will be delayed. This will not delay digital access to the projects. I’ll be releasing each unit digitally as it is completed, but I won’t be sending out printed books until all of the projects are completed.

I’ve limited the number of rewards to be able to stay focused on the curriculum design vs managing packaging and shipping lots of projects.

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